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Dol Guldur, Mordor

The Raiders of Angmar

The forces of Angmar are the dark faction that reside in the Valley of Angmar, a remnant of the dominion of the Witch-King of Angmar. Only the positively evil or extremely foolhardy player would dare to meddle with such a faction. The Hillmen of Rhudaur are the sub-faction of Angmar. They are also found in Angmar, as well as in the surrounding areas.

Notable Events

9th of February, 2023

24th of June, 2020

12th of July, 2019

9th of October, 2018

Stobbo, previously the Lord of Elostirion, sent out a call for recruitment to oppose the rising powers of the Dunedain of Arnor.

Talzane, otherwise known as Shadow_Hawk007, sent out an appreciation letter to all his followers as Witch-King of Angmar. The Fell-Kingdom lived a prosperous time under his rule.

Rûg Bloodstorm, otherwise known as RandomBalrog, was called to the great fortress of Carn Dûm by the Witch King of Angmar, but was swept off his path. After which, with the help of the maia Lungorthin, the great Kingdom of Dûr Udun was created, operating from the ancient fortress of Angband.

ExplodingReaf, or otherwise known as Norgoin, son of Druli, fled to the North with a small band of wicked dwarves, orcs, wargs, and hill-trolls, during the fall of Carn Dûm. Here they created a settlement named Gola-Dur, for a new a Fell Kingdom, named Glörtho.

Notable Builds

These are some of the more notable faction builds, however, there's a lot of space for you to add your own to the list!

Carn Dûm

The mighty fortress of the Fell-Kingdom in which the Witch-King resides. Built by Talzane.


The fear-instilling fortress of the Kingdom of Dûr Udun. Built by Rûg Bloodstorm.

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