A bit about the orcs up north

Dûr Udûn is a faction based upon player freedom and as such is more loosely organised than most. This means that, should you decide to join, no leader or officer of the faction will try to make you do anything. The leader and officers, of course, are more than willing to give help to or take suggestions from anyone in the faction. Some things you can do to work your way up the ranks in Dûr Udûn include: construction of a good-looking base within faction borders, killing enemy players, inventing useful redstone contraptions, involving yourself with other members, and bringing prosperity and notoriety to the faction.

The capital of Dûr Udûn is the ancient, ruined, fortress of Angband. Angband was rediscovered by a collection of Gundabad and Angmar orcs who then began the arduous project of reconstructing the ancient dwelling and turning it into a bastion which could serve as their raider capital. Henceforth, they could expand into the frozen tundra to set up yet more outposts and cities to benefit further from the wealth generated from the looting and pillaging carried out by their legions. There is also a grand defensive wall which was constructed between two mountain ranges to separate the vulnerable southern lands of Dûr Udûn from the heavily defended northern land, this buffer serving to keep out those who would seek to ruin out people and invade our land.

Angband started construction in April 2017, and was built by Rûg Bloodstorm, who went on to found the faction in July 2017, becoming the Dûr Hìr of Angband. Since the creation of the faction, it has been involved in several wars and conflicts against the factions of the free peoples, and will likely wage war once again.