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Reset FAQs!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

1. What is a reset? A reset is a deleting/purging of unused chunks in the Middle Earth dimension. 2. Why do we have resets? We have a reset for one of two reasons. 1) A major update to the LOTR mod is released and we reset for the new features (i.e. new biomes). 2) The server is experiencing issues or has reached a certain size and needs to be purged for the sake of data protection. 3. How often do we have resets? We usually have about two resets a year. However, there is no specific schedule. We reset according to the mod's updates and the needs of the server. 4. When is the reset? When we have a specific date/time for a reset, it will be announced in general-announcements. If there is not a specific date in general-announcements, that means there is not a confirmed date. We have to coordinate with our host for any resets which means the schedule is not in our control. 5. How do I save a build? Go to and follow this YouTube tutorial: 6. What can I save? Any player-built structure, specifically yours. 7. What can I NOT save? Do NOT save the following:

• NPC Structures


• Extremely large tracks of land (If saves exceed a certain threshold of size, they will be removed and the owner notified) 8. Will my LOTR data get reset? (Waypoints, fellowships, achievements) No. 9. Will my player data get reset? (Inventory, achievements, enderchest) No. You will keep your inventory and everything relating to your player data. 10. Will my previous builds that I've saved before be saved? If you saved them on the website, yes. You can check your saved builds on the website. We recommend making sure your build is still within the coordinates on the website if you have changed your build since the last reset. 11. Will my items within the build be saved? (items in chests, mod chests, item frames etc.) Yes. everything within your build will be saved. 12. Will animals/npcs be saved? If they are within a saved build , yes. 13. Can I build after I saved on the website? Yes. But if you build outside of the coordinates you put on the website, you should change the coordinates otherwise there is a chance the new parts will not be saved. 14. How many builds can I save? There is no maximum number of builds you can save. So long as they are player-built. 15. Can I save someone else's build? It is best to let the owner of the build save it. But if the owner is not available to save it, you may save it for them. Please name the build appropriately so that it can be located efficiently. 16. What happens if I experience issues while trying to save my build? Ask for assistance in staff-help on the discord.