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Rule changes 09/20/2021

Welcome to your irregularly scheduled server announcement! This month’s edition is packed full of sweet changes inspired from the Community Poll! Let’s go through them and their rationales. We are introducing phase 2 of reworking the troops to be more balanced and enjoyable for the server! This phase, we are restricting what gear can be used on troops. This change goes into effect immediately. Please remember that changes are not final and we may decide to approach this differently in the future. We will be living with this field test for awhile before evaluating if we need to make further changes. NEW RULES: PVP 2. Troops may not be equipped with enchanted armor or weapons (LOTR modifiers are allowed). PVP 7. Weapons that use Area of Effect attacks (such as balrog whips or the Mace of Sauron), may not be used to kill players or entities protected by blocks. In addition to the PVP changes, the rules have been restructured a bit to make way for more exciting changes. Faction and build rules are now their own categories. NEW RULES: BUILD 2. Mob farms may not be built within the Overworld, Nether, Dead Marshes, Barrow Downs, Utumno, or within 1k blocks of a Lore-FT. Additionally, mob farms must fit within a single gold-banner plot. (What’s that?? Mob farms are allowed [with limits] again?) (“But what is a mob farm,” you ask?) BUILD 3. A mob farm is defined as any structure which manipulates or restricts the behavior of entities for the purpose of farming. BUILD 5. Hoppers must be limited to 64 per build. (Always been a thing, but now it’s in the rules) We hope you are excited about these changes! I look forward to seeing how they work out.


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