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The Utumno Update

Welcome to the The One Ring UTUMNO UPDATE! As per the restart that will take place today, the Utumno that you know will be no more…

The fires of Utumno will burn hotter, the ice will chill you to your spine, the Utumnian profanities will sting tenfold… but worry not, for you will have your allies right beside you! or well, you should ;).

As of today the only way for people to join you easily in Utumno is if you enter the portal together. That means that all teleportation from the dimension of hell has been disabled. No more /spawn when the legions of Melkor know your name, no more /warp market when they have your address, no more /tpa when they mention the brush incident! No more teleporting!

Enter the gates prepared, leave them tenfold richer! As of today, there will be a PERMANENT XP boost within Utumno! That means that every single day of the week, you can enjoy increased XP in the pits of hell, but will you be strong enough to leave with it?

That is not all though! Every single Wednesday, there will be a 24-hour XP boost in Utumno as well!! This will be on top of the permanent XP boost there already, so be sure you and your party are prepared! Also, did I mention the XP boost? Because... XP boost!

I hope to see you in the halls soon!!

- Big M.

Oh, wait you thought that meant I was done with luring you to Utumno? No no no.. there's even more XP to be had! Today will also be the start of a huge XP weekend to celebrate the changes! That means Middle-Earth will have a huge XP boost, and Utumno an even stronger one!

(So in short, Utumno gains permanent XP boost; every Wednesday 24hr long bigger boosts in Utumno, this weekend an EVEN BIGGER BIGGER XP boost. Middle-Earth receives this weekend also a big XP boost! All teleportation in Utumno has however been removed, but don't worry, you can still /back when the legions of :milk:or have bested you)!

I hope to see you in the halls soon.. but you might need to hope for the opposite ;)!

- Big.... O?

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