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Attention, denizens of Middle-earth, heed this proclamation! Behold the Cap of High Profile and Vibrant Hues, a timeless accessory crafted to adorn the heads of adventurers and travelers throughout our beloved realm.


Fashioned from the noblest cotton twill, this cap exudes sophistication and style. With its structured design and five-panel construction, it embodies the craftsmanship of the finest artisans of Minas Tirith, ensuring a fit that commands attention and respect.


Marvel at its high-profile silhouette, a mark of distinction that sets it apart from ordinary headwear. The green undervisor adds a pop of color reminiscent of the lush forests of Mirkwood, infusing the cap with a sense of vitality and energy.


But it is not merely its aesthetics that make this cap a cherished accessory – it is its commitment to quality and sustainability. Each cap is meticulously crafted on demand, using only the finest materials sourced from the verdant fields of the Shire and the fertile lands of Gondor.


As you don this cap to embark on your adventures across Middle-earth, let it serve as a symbol of your resilience and determination. Let it be a testament to the spirit of exploration and discovery that defines our realm.


Embrace the Cap of High Profile and Vibrant Hues as a faithful companion on your journey through Middle-earth. Let it shield you from the elements and inspire you to venture forth with courage and conviction, for in our realm, the possibilities are as vast as the plains of Rohan.



Anniversary Hat (Limited)

€ 30,00Price
  • • 100% cotton twill
    • Structured
    • Five panel
    • High profile
    • Green undervisor
    • Sewn eyelets
    • Snapback closure

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