Shadmir young


Menace to Society

Wagwan my drillas ❄️⚔️! I'm Shadmir (18), one of the newest members of the staff team. I've been around the server for an incredibly long time and I love that I finally get the chance to help out. I try to make YouTube videos whenever there's an event on, so you should definitely go watch them.

The outside world

I do, in fact, exist off this Minecraft Server. These pictures are not simply fabrications, but indeed were taken by real world cameras. Outside of TOR, I walk my dogs, do athletics, and more often than not injure myself which means I just end up spending more time on TOR. Stay in school kids, it'll keep you away from the pain of athletics. Please. Really. Don't do it.


Shadmir wanted an extra picture

But he cared not for providing extra text.

So here we are. You know who to blame. There are rules, traditions, and laws that we have been following for millennia. However, it turns out Shadmir is above that. There will be text with this picture, or so you will be tricked into believing.