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Listen, adventurers and jesters of Middle-earth, for I shall unveil the tale of the Raglan Sweatshirt of Comfort and Style, adorned with the mark of humor and crafted with threads of the purest organic cotton, fit for any lighthearted escapade in our realm.


Within the essence of this sweatshirt lies a whimsical intention – a silent decree that whispers to the wearer: "Feel comfy and look stylish at the same time." Though not emblazoned upon its surface, this directive permeates the very fabric, a testament to the irreverent spirit that dwells within.

Picture yourself strolling through the bustling markets of Dale, the unspoken words upon your chest marking both tasks as done, a jest to all who cross your path. With every step, you embody the playful spirit of this garment, embracing comfort and style with a knowing smile.

So, let this sweatshirt be a silent tribute to the joy of feeling at ease while looking your best, a companion for lighthearted adventures and spontaneous moments of delight. Let us embrace its whimsical essence as we journey through the tapestry of Middle-earth, spreading laughter and joy with every step we take.


Fashioned from the finest organic cotton, its exterior offers a smooth touch akin to the silken robes of the elves of Lórien. Yet, within lies a secret – a brushed fleece lining that envelops you in a cloud of softness, as though being embraced by the warmth of Gandalf's cloak on a chilly night. Do not ask what Gandalf is wearing.


But behold, noble wearer, for there is more than meets the eye upon this garment of whimsy. Its neck tape serves as a reminder of the bonds that unite us, woven with care and attention to detail.

Remember, as you don this sweatshirt woven from threads of humor and comfort, it is not merely fabric that adorns your frame, but a story of laughter and camaraderie amidst the trials of our age. Each sweatshirt, crafted to order, serves as a reminder of the importance of thoughtful choices in a world besieged by overproduction.


So, let this garment be a tribute to the jesters and merrymakers of Middle-earth, and to the joy found in shared laughter and lighthearted banter. Let us tread lightly upon our paths, mindful of the moments of mirth that enrich our lives and bind us together as one fellowship.

Dazzling - Unisex

€ 40,00Price
  • • 100% organic cotton exterior
    • Charcoal Melange’s exterior is 60% organic cotton, 40% recycled polyester
    • 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester interior
    • 97% organic cotton, 3% elastane ribs
    • Fabric weight: 8.3 oz/yd² (280 g/m²)
    • Fabric weight for Charcoal Melange: 10.3 oz/yd² (348 g/m²)
    • Side-seamed
    • Raglan sleeves
    • Neck tape
    • Brushed fleece lining
    • 2 × 2 ribbed cuffs, collar, and hem
    • Blank product sourced from Pakistan

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