An exciting new way to PVP!

Let The One Ring take you on this wonderful adventure for a whole month! Experience competitive rank-based PvP with huge rewards for all those that participate!

The One Ring
TOR Seasons


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How it works?

“What are PvP seasons?”, I hear you ask. Well, in short, PvP seasons are events that last a month at a time and bring great new incentives and rewards for PvPing out in the great wilderness on TOR. Every season has a unique theme, for the month of July it will be: The One Ring!


How exactly does this work, then? Well, each player who has signed up (more on that later) will be trying to earn League Points (LP). This LP can be gained by killing other players, and LP is lost if killed by another player who is signed up for the event. There is one caveat, however, and that is that any gear made of mithril (yes, even your mithril shovel, put it away) is unable to be used if you want to gain LP from a kill. Any other gear, including lore items, is still allowed. Be sure to read up on the rules below for specifics in regards to LP gain and loss!

TOR Seasons Fighting

Furthermore, the quantity of LP gained/lost from a kill will vary depending on the quality of the gear that you were wearing compared to your opponent. Oh, and be nice, there are points for returning their stuff too!

Rank Progression

Of course, you wouldn’t sign up if there weren’t cool rewards up for grabs! There’ll be plenty of vanity swag up for grabs, and extras depending on how high up in the rankings you finish the season. Every participating player will get a participation prize, custom-made for them, regardless of their rank! The top three players at the end of a season will receive a highly personalized item, unobtainable through any other method on the server!

TOR Seasons Skirmish
TOR Seasons Duel

Towards the end of the season, the top-ranked players will be gathered into the season's arena in order to compete in a tournament for a lore item prize! You can already visit this themed arena for duels at /warp arena!

In order to join in on the action, all you’ll need to do is sign up using the bot in the discord server! Isn’t that easy?


There will be 9 leagues that players fight to rise up through during the season. They are as follows:



















TOR Seasons LP Loss

In order to rank up to the next league in leagues Amber until Diamond, the player must attain 100 LP. In leagues Emerald and Amethyst, the player must attain 300 LP to rank up to the next league. The Ruby league has no max LP.

If a player hits 0 LP, they are demoted to the previous league starting at 75 LP, except in Amber, where they remain at 0 LP no matter how much they lose.


*If a player is in Silver league or above, they must keep their map location on at all times in order to participate in the event.

TOR Seasons LP Gain




A player can sign up to the PvP season by typing !Season in the server’s official Discord server.


Any player may only use 1 account to participate in a PvP season at a time.


A legal kill will be worth 2-5 LP, depending on the gear your opponent was wearing. As a GFac player; a naked opponent will be worth only 2 LP, while a fully geared GFac opponent will be worth the full 5 LP.


If a player is killed, they will lose 1-5 LP depending on the difference in strength between their gear and their opponent’s. If there is an overwhelming difference, such as a naked player dying to an opponent in GFac, they will only lose one LP. However, if a GFac player dies to another GFac player, they will lose the maximum possible value of 5 LP as both combatants had equal gear.


A player will get extra points from a kill if they choose to give back their opponent's weapons (+1 - +3 LP, depending on weapon quality), and armor (+1 or +2 LP depending on armor quality). This is excluding Lore Items, those are yours to keep!


Any gear that is NOT crafted with mithril may be used to compete in seasons. The exception to this rule is mithril-trimmed dwarven armor, as it does not bring a competitive advantage. If a kill occurs and mithril gear is involved, the kill will be invalidated and no LP changes will come as a result of it.


Lore items may be used at any point during the season.


A player may kill any other player in any situation (except a server event), using any method, provided it fits within all aforementioned rules. (Kills gained in sieges or field battles during fully organized faction wars will count towards ordinary LP gain and loss).


Kills must be reported in the #seasons channel in the official server Discord, this must be done by the killer within 30 minutes. It is recommended to include evidence, such as a screenshot of chat showing the death message or even a YouTube video of the fight.

If a player has been determined to be “farming” kills in any way, they will lose 50 LP and a demotion to the previous league.

Farming is defined as killing the same player multiple times in a row, agreeing to allow another player to kill you/agreeing to kill another player, or any other method which allows a player to unfairly gain LP.


If a kill is disputed and neither side has any evidence, there will be no LP change to either side.

A fabricated kill report, if proven, will result in -50 LP and a demotion to the previous league.