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An exciting new way to PVP!

Let The One Ring take you on this wonderful adventure for several weeks! Experience competitive rank-based PvP with huge rewards for all those that participate!

The One Ring
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TOR Seasons

How it works

Continue reading to learn how the seasons will work!

What's new?

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Click here to see what ranks you can fight for!


Read up on the rules and specifics for this new season!

How it works?

“What are PvP seasons?”, I hear you ask. Well, in short, PvP seasons are events that last several weeks at a time and bring great new incentives and rewards for PvPing out in the great wilderness on TOR. Every season has a unique theme, for the last Summer Season it was:
The Spear of the Challenger!

Seasons PvP 7.png

How exactly does this work, then? Well, each player who has signed up (more on that later) will be trying to earn League Points (LP). This LP can be gained by killing other players, and LP is lost if killed by another player who is signed up for the event. There is one caveat, however, and that is that any boss gear or gear made of mithril (yes, even your mithril shovel, put it away) is unable to be used if you want to gain LP from a kill. Any other gear, including lore items, is still allowed. Be sure to read up on the rules below for specifics in regards to LP gain and loss!

TOR Seasons Fighting
TOR Seasons Skirmish

Furthermore, the quantity of LP gained/lost from a kill will vary depending on the league you are in, compared to your opponent's. You can issue challenges and wage grand wars with your fellow faction members in the Summer Season as well! Like this there are many new changes this season. Be sure to read up about all of them below!

Of course, you wouldn’t sign up if there weren’t cool rewards up for grabs! There’ll be plenty of vanity swag up for grabs, extras depending on your badges, and how high up in the rankings you finish the season. Every participating player will get a participation prize, custom-made for them, regardless of their rank! The top three players at the end of a season will receive a highly personalized item, unobtainable through any other method on the server!

Rank Progression
TOR Seasons Duel

Towards the end of the season, the top-ranked players will be gathered into the season's arena in order to compete in a tourney for several lore items as prizes! You can already visit this themed arena for duels at /warp arena!

In order to join in on the action, all you’ll need to do is sign up using the bot in the discord server! Isn’t that easy?

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We have made some really big changes this Season based on the feedback that you all provided!

The main difference within the Spear of the Challenger Season will be how much simpler it will be. We realize the last Season became too complicated and too hard to participate in, so we've removed a lot of extra clutter. To visualize this, think about how the first Season played out; we removed a majority of extra LP-modifiers, we changed or removed certain rules that only limited PvP more than promote it, and lastly, we added ways to ensure ways to climb without being limiting. Keep reading for more information!


1 - Ordinary Duels.

We realize that in the first Season ordinary duels were very popular, so we have removed a majority of their limitations! For specifics, head down to the rules section!

2 - The Challenge System.

Players can now challenge other players to an honorable gear-giveback duel once a day! This means a 1v1 which will net higher amounts of LP for the Victor, and less lost LP for the Vanquished! You are able to deny the challenge too. For specifics, head down to the rules section!

3 - The Badge System.

Unlock achievements and badges through participation of the Season. You will be able to display these in the discord and in your base! Certain badges also comes with in-game rewards like a set of GFAC or more!

4 - Gear Limitations.

All gear that is exclusively obtained from Bosses has been banned. Think about Gondolin gear and Mallorn maces for example. This is in addition to Mithril gear as you are used to.


There are however also alternatives to plain murder if you want to participate! Within the next 6 weeks we will have a schedule, shown below, for events and LP boosts; participating and performing will grant you various amounts of LP!

A more exciting alternative however is the newly introduced Wars format! These Seasons-approved wars will allow you gain LP without the risk of losing any while participating in a war. While still giving the parties the most freedom possible, similar to the current server rules! Read below for the specific war format.

Climbing has changed too. We have implemented a 2-strike system to all promotions and demotions. This means that, as before, once you reach 0 LP, you would have to lose 2 times in a row instead of 3 times to be demoted to the previous rank. The same goes for promotions to the next rank. Also! When you've reached Topaz, you need to have your map location on to participate. Before this used to be Sapphire, so pay attention to that!

Topaz 2.png

We have removed a lot of aspects of the previous Season that simply were not working well. I hope that with a lot less clutter, you can go back to the Seasons Arena with a reignited flame of passion to kill! There will be a lot less factors to take into consideration and a lot more freedom to do what this event is all about! 



There will be 9 leagues that players fight to rise up through during the season. They are as follows:



















TOR Seasons LP Loss

In order to rank up to the next league in leagues Amber until Diamond, the player must attain 100 LP. In leagues Emerald and Amethyst, the player must attain 300 LP to rank up to the next league. The Ruby league has no max LP.

After reaching the specified LP, you must win 2 fights in a row to be promoted to the next League. These are referred to as strikes and work the same for demotions, but you would need to lose 2 times in a row.

If a player hits 0 LP, they will be demoted to the previous league after 2 strikes. They will continue at 80(%) LP of the previous league, except in Amber, where they remain at 0 LP no matter how much they lose.


*If a player is in Topaz league or above, they must keep their map location on at all times in order to participate in the event.

TOR Seasons LP Gain




A player can sign up to the PvP season by typing !Season in the server’s official Discord server.


Any player may only use 1 account to participate in a PvP season at a time.


The person winning a fight will be referred to as the Victor, the loser will be referred to as the Vanquished.

A legal kill will vary greatly in worth, depending on the Victor's league relative to the league of their opponent. Equally ranked fights will gain a Default LP of 8. The more leagues between the Victor and the Vanquished, the bigger the Default LP difference.

Consecutive kills will give you a kill streak! Get your streak high enough, and gain a boost to your LP gain. Every 4 kills will give you +1 LP continuously. This can go on indefinitely, until you are killed and your streak ends. At which point your bonus kill streak LP will be carried over as Bounty LP to the Victor!

The Vanquished will only lose 50% of the reversed Default LP, calculated as stated above. In addition, their kill streak will end and the bonus LP will be carried over to the Victor as a bounty.


Gear obtained from boss drops and mithril gear may NOT be used. The exceptions to this rule are certain lore items, and mithril-trimmed dwarven armor, as it does not bring a competitive advantage. If a kill occurs and the Victor is wearing mithril gear or gear obtained through boss drops (Gondolin for example), the kill will be invalidated and no LP changes will come as a result of it.


Lore items may be used at any point during the season.


A player may challenge another player that is their own league, any league above- or 1 league below their own. You have a maximum of 1 challenge that you can issue per day, and 1 reported challenge that can be issued against you per day. Challenges award double the amount of default LP on a victory, and half the amount of default LP loss on a defeat. All challenges need to be with gear-giveback -- this does not apply to Lore Items.

A denial of a challenge, if reported, will still count towards the daily challenge limits; however, it will reward only half of the default LP. Upon denying a challenge, your next fight will have a -4 negative LP modifier, which is more than you would have lost in the challenge itself. Bounty LP will still be granted to the challenger in full, and the challengee will still lose his kill-streak LP.

A challenge must take place within 30 minutes after it has been issued, if there is no reasonable and agreed upon reason for extension, the challenge will be regarded as forfeited after 30 minutes. The challenger will suggest a place for the duel to take place, however, if the challengee does not want to duel in the suggested place; they can default to the season arena instead.


A player may kill any other player in any situation (except a server event), using any method, provided it fits within all aforementioned rules and the server rules. Each kill on the same player will reward you 1 less LP within the same day.


Topaz ranked players and above will need to have their map locations on at all times to participate within the Seasons. Failure to do so will be heavily punished by -50 LP loss and a demotion to the previous league.


Kills must be reported in the #seasons channel in the official server Discord, this must be done by the Victor within 30 minutes. It is the Victor's responsibility to include all needed information, if it is not there it will be assumed to be done on purpose and no extra LP gain can be provided. It is recommended to include evidence, such as a screenshot of chat showing the death message or even a YouTube video of the fight.


If a kill is disputed and neither side has any evidence, there will be no LP change to either side.

A fabricated kill report, if proven, will result in -50 LP and a demotion to the previous league.


The Seasons have their own set of rules for a war to count differently compared to standard LP gain/loss. These rules are not to be mistaken as server rules, which remain the same as before. These are to be considered the default for any Seasons-approved war, however, if both faction leaders agree on changes; even these default rules can be changed. For final approval a Sr. Staff member will need to look over the terms and changes however, after which a staff member will also spectate the war to ensure that they are upheld.

Seasons-approved wars will consist of a series of battles, where the team to win 3 battles first wins - these can be done in sieges or field battle formats. The war itself can consist of more battles, but for the Season portion of it, it will only count until one of the parties has reached 3 wins.

Players can agree on rewards amongst themselves and state it within the terms of the war. During a Seasons-approved war, the only differences will be that 1) you are exempted from LP loss upon dying, 2) all kills count for a flat 18 LP and will be spread evenly among the respective participators. 

Default war rules:

- An approved faction leader can declare a war on any other approved faction leader. You can only participate in a war once a week.

- Denying a declaration means every Seasons-participator within your faction loses 25 LP.

- In a battle, one side can only have 1.25x the players of the other side.

- 3 battle locations will be set and agreed upon beforehand.

- The declaring faction can add or modify up to 5 war-clauses from the default war-clauses below. This can be done without approval of the opposing faction. You can use a clause to lock another.

- Afterwards, the defending faction can add or modify 3 war-clauses, except locked ones.

Default war-clauses:

- Keep inventory: off

- Lore items: allowed

- All other items and blocks allowed, unless otherwise stated.

War-clauses are very broad and can mean a lot of things, if you are struggling with your faction to make them, be sure to contact a staff member! Some examples war-clauses could be: troops, mounts, bows, quagmire, traps, or poison weapons. The list can be pretty much endless.

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