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For any questions regarding these rules, feel free to ask in the Discord!

I - General Rules

All these rules are for the general aspect of the community, not just the minecraft server.

  1. The staff's decision is final. (No exceptions).

  2. Respect all players. Bullying or harassment is not permissible. (Bullying/Harassing as a "joke" is no better than actual bullying/harassing).

  3. Undue amounts of spam, caps, or cursing will result in a temporary mute.

  4. Griefing is not allowed even in unclaimed bases. You may, however, steal from unprotected tile entities (chests, armor stands, etc). You may not steal from chests/grief builds you are added to. Banners cannot be destroyed (even if self-protect is off).

  5. Exploiting/hacking is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: Fly hacks, block glitching, kill aura, x-ray, duplication, (mounted) block clipping, etc.

  6. World downloads or saving schematics of other people’s builds is illegal.

  7. Bypassing the auto-afk kick system by any means is illegal.

  8. You may request /fly from a staff member for building purposes only. If there are multiple staff members online, PM one with your IGN and asking for fly.

  9. Keeping items from events is illegal unless otherwise stated.

  10. Advertising is NOT allowed unless an unprompted player asks for information; then you may respond in a PM.

  11. Player locators are illegal.

II - Build Rules

For any questions or advice, be sure to contact Staff!

  1. No blocking/griefing lore & custom FT points.

  2. Mob farms may not be built within the Overworld, Nether, Barrow Downs, Utumno, or within 1k blocks of a Lore-FT. Additionally, mob farms must fit within a single gold-banner plot.

  3. A mob farm is defined as any structure which manipulates or restricts the behavior and/or attacks of entities for the purpose of farming.

  4. Farmhand hiring is restricted to 20 units per build. Additionally, farmhands may not be used for the primary purpose of generating XP.

  5. Hoppers must be limited to 64 per build.

  6. NPC limit: 50 per person within 1k blocks of each other. (NPCs include troops, farmers, and pets)

  7. Custom waypoints not allowed within 1k blocks of builds unless given permission by build owner (this includes lore builds, even if they have an official waypoint closer than 1k blocks).

  8. You may not build within 1k blocks of another claimed build without permission. If you are unable to get into contact with the owner of another claimed build (i.e. due to inactivity), contact a staff member for assistance.

    1. For smaller biomes in which 1k blocks in-between is too much space for a suitable location, contact a senior staff member.​

  9. Builds on lore FT points may be removed by contacting senior staff. Senior staff will then open dialogue with you and the original builder. The existing build must meet some criteria, including but not limited to: lack of quality, lack of progress, and/or lack of activity in order to be removed. Furthermore, you must provide evidence as to why your proposed new build would be an improvement relative to the existing build at the lore FT point (for example, showing plans or schematics for your proposed new build and explaining them).

  10. No bridging/poling into a base (including block glitching. Mounts are allowed but not if used to glitch through blocks)

    1. Using troops/npcs to open bannered doors is illegal.

  11. Public Areas cannot be claimed by banners or factions: Utumno (Including entrance), The End, Nether, Meneltarma.

  12. You can add 3 functioning traders/blacksmiths to an approved build and 1 captain. General requirements are under faction rules 3.

    1. Each summoned in NPC needs to have appropriate and closed off housing with sufficient detailing. They need to be unique from one another.​

    2. Evil-aligned factions need to make a blacksmith-appropriate housing unit first before applying for ordinary traders -- as evil traders also function as blacksmiths.

    3. NPCs which allow you to hire farmhands are categorized as traders, not as captains.

    4. Only certain traders can be spawned in certain areas of the map, mostly it will be based on faction but there are exceptions to this.

  13. As per the requirements set out in rule 2.12, you can also add non-functioning or "empty" NPCs to your build. These have no limit and only function to increase the livelihood and beauty of a build. All criteria still apply.

III - Faction Rules

These rules are an addition to the alignment system!

  1. Hopping factions to gain benefits or to loophole requirements/rules is not allowed (this includes joining a faction to gain trust/access to waypoints/banners).

  2. To claim leadership of an empty official faction, you need the following:

    1. At least two (2) other active supporters in the faction.

    2. A sizeable build (Must be approved by staff members based on guidelines listed below). 

    3. At least 5,000 alignment in the corresponding faction.

  3. Leadership builds must meet the following guidelines:

    1. At least four individual housing units for members of the faction.

    2. Not constructed out of or in the exact style as NPC structures.

    3. Reaches a certain level of quality in detail, completion, and form.

    4. Must be constructed in an appropriate location for the faction (i.e. the faction’s biome)

    5. Once your build is ready, contact a moderator or above. They will take screenshots of the build and submit it to the team for approval. Approval decisions take approximately 1 week.

  4. The same build cannot be used to grant leadership to multiple people.

  5. To create a custom faction you need: - three (3) other active players, fully functional staff approved build (see above), & 10k (coins).

  6. Inactive faction leaders are automatically demoted (“Inactive” defined here as an average of less than 2 hours of playtime per week over the last 21 days).

    1. For custom factions, if the leader is demoted for inactivity, a new leader must be appointed within 30d otherwise the faction is disbanded. The new leader does not have to pay the 10k, but must have the required supporters and build.

  7. You may buy custom, non-faction, lore-friendly titles for 5k (coins) from a senior staff member.

  8. If a player is inactive for 30+ days and has builds/items/claims in your town/build, you may claim that player's stuff.

  9. Some factions (such as Gondor and Harad) have subfactions. The requirements to claim leadership of a subfaction are determined by the current leader of the primary faction. If there is no current leader, the requirements are the same as a regular faction with the exception of only requiring 1k alignment and 1 active supporter instead of 2.

IV - Lore Items

Special and very powerful items and how to handle them accordingly!

  1. There are two types of lore items, Major and Lesser (Lesser lore items are defined by this symbol in their lore: † ). Both types must stay in the player's inventories at all times.

    1. Additionally, if a player possesses 2 or more Major lore items, their map location must be on at all times.

  2. Players may only posses a limited amount of Major lore items: Only one lore ring, lore item, and one lore weapon/tool/armor per player. (3 lore items max with only 1 of each type).

  3. Lesser lore items cannot be possessed while any number of Major lore items are in possession.

    1. A maximum of three lesser lore items may be held at a time.

    2. Holding a leadership lesser increases your maximum capacity of lore items to 4.​​

      • Leadership lessers can be held simultaneously with Major lore items.

  4. Whenever a lore item changes hands (lesser or major), a staff member must be notified via a Discord private message or by using /mail send.

  5. Inactive players (“Inactive” defined here as an average of less than 3 hours of playtime per week over the last 21 days) will have lore items automatically confiscated and redistributed at staff’s discretion.

  6. When a lore item is given out at an event, there is a 24 hour grace period before the bearer of the item can be killed. (There is only 1 grace period) (If the lore item is sold before the 24 hours are up, the remaining time on the protection carries over to the new owner)

V - PvP

Rules primarily for Player v. Player combat and troops!

  1. Troop limit: 15 troops per person in any form of PVP and PVE.

    1. Olog hai/trolls/huorns take up three housing spaces (any attacking entity counts as a troop).

    2. Mounted troops take up two housing spaces.

    3. Using a horn of conquest in a pvp encounter counts as 15 housing units.

  2. Troops may not be equipped with enchanted armor or weapons (LOTR modifiers are allowed).

  3. Wait 1 min after a tp/ft/coming out of afk/logging in to engage in pvp. You may not afk, or abuse this in another manner, to avoid combat.

  4. Killing someone while they’re in afk status is illegal (including forcing them out of afk)

  5. You may not /back after a pvp death (unless given permission by the killer). Fast travel is permissible.

  6. Once you kill everyone inside their base, you will have 2 minutes to leave their base for 30 minutes.

    1. This is negated if someone returns to the base within the aforementioned 2 minutes.

  7. Storing a /back in another player's base is not allowed. If you die to a non-PvP cause in someone else their base, you may /back immediately after death.

  8. Weapons that use Area of Effect (such as Balrog whips or the Mace of Sauron), may not be used to kill players or entities protected by blocks.

VI - Alternate accounts (alts)

Secondary accounts are not allowed to bypass rules or punishments in any way!

  1. Alts/mains may not be used at farms while another account is in-game.

  2. Lore items may be switched between your main account and your alt account(s), however, as per rule 4.4 and 4.2; a staff member still needs to be notified, and quantity limits apply per person; not per account.

    1. When you have enough (combined) lore items that your map location needs to be enabled, per rule 4.1, you must enable your map location on all your accounts.

    2. When one of your accounts has lore item(s), and you die on another account; you need to hand over your lore item(s) as if you had died on the account with lore items.​

  3. Alts do not count towards faction supporters, nor can you claim faction leadership with one.


Pretty self-explanatory. Large-scale PvP between factions.

  • ​Wars are player-organized events where two or more factions participate in large-scale pvp, usually involving a ‘siege build’ where one side tries to infiltrate and eliminate the other.

  • Staff do not organize or enforce war rules. It is entirely up to the players to maintain order within wars. Players cannot seek staff assistance in managing wars, unless a general rule has been broken, such as hacking or exploiting.

  • All facets of the wars, including gear, pvp format, and rewards are up to the players to decide. However, below you will find suggested ways to organize a war.

  • Important: Biomes/land cannot be transferred between factions.

Suggested Ways to Organize a War

These are suggestions, not binding rules!

  1. Determine the factions and players that will be involved with a war. Because wars are player-organized, one player/faction cannot force another player/faction to participate in a war.

  2. Determine where and how Organized PVP Encounters (OPE) will take place. This would include a list of builds that can be “sieged” as well as potential “ground battles” or any other rules for organized pvp encounters (OPE).

  3. Determine what equipment can be used by players during OPEs.
    Things to consider:

    • Lore items

    • Enchantments/Brews

    • Any gear or faction-specific gear

    • Hired units/Mounts

  4. Determine the win or surrender conditions for the war.

    • When one side has won 3 OPEs.

  5. Determine the rewards/losses at the conclusion of the war.

    • Coins

    • Mithril

    • Lore items

    • Or, best of all: nothing and just have fun

Organized PvP Encounters and How to Organize Them

Specifically Sieges

  • Organized PVP Encounters are just that: Organized times for players to participate in a stylized form of pvp.

  • OPEs can happen outside of Wars. They are player-organized and player-run.

  • Typically OPEs come in two forms: Sieges and Ground Battles.
    Below are recommended rules for organizing Sieges:

  1. Determine what traps may be used in a siege build.

  2. Determine how a siege build may be edited by attackers (I.E. can they break or place any blocks? In specific areas?) Suggestion: Allow breaking of quagmire and placing of ladders.

  3. Determine how attackers can progress through a siege build. Suggestion: The most common way is to construct “Rams” at designated Gates. An example of what a Ram could be can be found at /warp help.

  4. Determine whether or not banners can be used to protect land and if they need to have self-protection off.

  5. Determine, if you use the Ram system, how many gates can require a Ram to be opened.

  6. Determine if either the attackers or defenders are allowed to restock on gear during a Siege​

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