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Hearken, traders and warriors alike, for I unveil the Shirt of Recruitment, bearing the countenance of the Duke of Ivillis, a call to arms for all to trade within the realm of Ivillis. A garment suited for the trials of commerce and physical prowess, ideal for all manner of workouts.


Forged from the fibers of Middle-earth itself, this shirt boasts a blend of sturdy warg fur and supple elven silk, woven together to ensure both durability and flexibility. Its fabric weight, akin to the lightest chainmail, allows for freedom of movement during even the most rigorous of activities.

Envelop yourself in the embrace of its very soft four-way stretch sports mesh fabric, as comforting as the whispers of the wind through the trees of Lothlórien. Feel the reassurance of its comfortable fit, a reminder of the promise of prosperity within the realm of Ivillis.


Adorned with intricate overlock and coverstitch details, each seam tells a tale of craftsmanship and dedication worthy of the finest artisans of Ivillis. As you don this shirt, envision the journey it undertook before reaching your hands – from the distant sands of Harad to the bustling markets of Dale (under Ivillis ownership).


But let us not forget our stewardship of Middle-earth. As we revel in the comforts of this garment, let us remain mindful of our impact on the natural world. Though it bears no danger or harm, it is our duty to minimize our footprint upon the lands we cherish. Which is why our artisans ensure this is made to order.


So, let this shirt be a symbol of opportunity and strength, whether you trade in the markets of Ivillis or hone your skills on the training grounds of Minas Glob. Let us embrace the spirit of commerce and athleticism as we journey through the realms of Middle-earth, seeking prosperity and adventure with every step we take.

I want YOU - Unisex

€ 40,00Price
  • • 92% polyester, 8% spandex
    • Fabric weight: 4.42 oz/yd² (150 g/m²), weight may vary by 5%
    • Very soft four-way stretch sports mesh fabric
    • Comfortable fit
    • Overlock and coverstitch
    • Blank product components sourced from China

    • Traceability:
    - Knitting—China
    - Dyeing—China
    - Manufacturing—Latvia
    • Contains 0% recycled polyester
    • Contains 0% dangerous substances
    • This item releases plastic microfibers into the environment during washing

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