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Experience The One Ring

You can stop looking for your forever-home now.

Welcome to The One Ring Minecraft server! We are the longest running LOTR server, established in early 2014. Our team works hard to make The One Ring the best LOTR Minecraft experience you can possibly have, with a lively and vibrant community and brilliant builds scattered across the land. Why don't you come and join us?

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Meet the Staff

A team of individuals working to make your experience the best it can be!


Major Lore Builds

For a unique experience, with unique players behind them.



24/7 availability, with a loving and active community!

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Be a part of Middle-Earth

The One Ring is a medium to large-sized server with an expansive and immersive world! The community focuses on being respectful, mature, and creating an environment where anyone can have fun. The server runs Bukkit and has many plugins that enhance the building and playing experience, including player shops!

Forge your own path

Gameplay focuses on building, events, trade, and PvP!

Spawn includes a cheap market to alleviate some of the time needed to get basic resources to encourage player-builds without worrying about player-inequality. /Fly is allowed for players wanting to build! As a result, The One Ring has some of the most detailed and massive builds of any LOTR server!

Destiny, in your hands

Players wanting to lead factions and participate in wars are in luck! The power to organize trade, war, and faction agreements is all in the player's hands covered by extensive rules! On top of everything else an unlocked overworld, nether, and vanilla enchanting!

A Middle-Earth like no other

Enchantments are a fundamental part of Vanilla Minecraft. We have decided to carry that over to The One Ring! In combination with Lore Items which are powerful enchanted items stemming from Middle-Earth's history. You will be able to reach heights that you were never able to reach before! Your might in Middle-Earth has never been so potent!

Giving you that extra edge in battle!

Vanilla Enchantments and Lore Items


Embark on your journey in Middle-Earth


Home: Programs


Get a sneak peek into the beautiful Middle-Earth that is awaiting you!


Be swept off to your story.

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