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The One Ring - Tiles

Tile Rules

For any questions regarding these rules, feel free to ask in the Discord!

I - General Tile Rules

  1. Participation in the tilemap system can only be done through an approved faction.

  2. Upon obtaining faction leadership, you may claim 5 extra tiles to your approved leadership build.

    1. Capital tiles cannot be taken.​

  3. Owning a tile on the tilemap will give the appropriate faction leader a set number of resources, native to the tile's territory each month. Tiles have different types which give different rewards. These may change over time.

  4. You can only claim tiles adjacent to ones you already own (no exclaves). If some of your tiles become an exclave, you must either trade them off to another faction (who can claim them), or they will be forfeited after 1 week.

    1. ​As an exception; a staff approved sub-faction and a leadership quality build; the faction leader may create a sub-faction exclave which is not connected to the main faction's tiles. The sub-faction exclave can claim up to 4 adjacent tiles. These sub-faction tiles will only produce half the rewards of the main tiles, unless they get connected in the future. Further tiles cannot be claimed adjacent to the sub-faction's tiles until the sub-faction exclave is connected to the main faction's tiles.

  5. If a faction loses leadership, the tiles will be "deteriorating". Other factions can claim them via PVE or Builds, but if someone obtains leadership in the future of the original faction, they obtain the deteriorating tiles.

    1. ​ They can claim additional tiles immediately if there are less than 5 tiles deteriorating.

II - Claiming Specifics

  1. Claiming (extra) tiles can be done once every week and through 4 methods only:

    1. PvP - Wars can be declared on tiles owned by another faction. These wars cannot be declined. The War-Clause system will be used unless both parties agree to opt-out of it. Staff need to confirm the final terms of a war for a tile transfer to take place, although they do not need to overlook every single war. Allies may participate within the war terms and put their own tiles at risk if agreed upon.​

    2. Building - Tile builds can be made to claim a tile, pending staff approval. Leadership quality builds can claim up to 3 adjacent tiles. Tile builds must meet the following broad requirements, it is up to the player to convince staff of the value being met:

      1. A structure with defensive value (i.e. walls or watchtowers).​

      2. A structure to house troops or a garrison (i.e. barracks).

      3. Something with patriotic value (i.e. faction flags).

      4. Atleast 2 other structures (i.e. houses or artisans).

    3. Trade - Faction leaders can trade tiles amongst each other. 

    4. PvE - High-difficulty group of staff-spawned mobs must be defeated on the tile. This is proportionate to the participants and needs scheduling with the staff team.

  2. You may claim up to 3 tiles in a row with one method, after that you must claim at least one using another method.

  3. If another faction owns a tile, either war or trading are your only ways to claim it.

  4. To declare a campaign on a tile, a faction or commander needs to use the discord bot.

    1. By executing the command "/Declare [tile number]​ [faction] [method]" will you officially start a campaign for a tile. This is when your 1 week timer begins, meaning you have 7 days to obtain the tile in the method specified. After these 7 days, you can start another campaign by using the same command. 

III - Default War System

The tilesystem uses its own set of rules for a war, similar to the Seasons. These rules are not to be mistaken as server rules, which remain the same as before. These are to be considered the default for any tilesystem-related war, however, if both faction leaders agree on changes; even these default rules can be entirely opted-out of. For final approval a Moderator or above will need to look over the terms and changes. Afterwards, a staff member may spectate the war to ensure that they are upheld, however, this is only a requirement for wars which include staff members.

Default tilesystem wars will consist of a series of battles, where the team to win 3 battles first wins - these can be done in sieges or field battle formats. The broader war itself can consist of more battles, but for the tile-transfer portion of it, it will only count until one of the parties has reached 3 wins. This of course can be changed in the war termsPlayers can agree on rewards amongst themselves and state it within the terms of the war, however, the tile in question still needs to declared using the proper methods as shown above.

Default war rules:

- An approved faction leader can declare a war on any other approved faction leader. Keep in mind that you are limited to only 1 tile a week.

- Denying (or needlessly delaying) a declaration means you forfeit the contested tile.

- In a battle, one side can only have 1.25x the players of the other side.

- 3 battle locations will be set and agreed upon beforehand.

- The declaring faction can add or modify up to 5 war-clauses from the default war-clauses below. This can be done without approval of the opposing faction. You can use a clause to lock another.

- Afterwards, the defending faction can add or modify 3 war-clauses, except locked ones.

Default war-clauses:

- Keep inventory: off

- Lore items: allowed

- All other items and blocks allowed, unless otherwise stated.

War-clauses are very broad and can mean a lot of things, if you are struggling with your faction to make them, be sure to contact a staff member! Some examples war-clauses could be: troops, mounts, bows, quagmire, traps, or poison weapons. The list can be pretty much endless.

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