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Neutrality for prosperity.

Far in the red mountains, Orocarni, a city has opened it's gates, a duchy has opened it's borders. Ivillis has long stood tall within the mountain peaks, far from any war and far from any bloodshed. Under the rule of Mido the Great, have we come out of our isolation, ready to greet the world.

Since our founding fathers created the base of our society, have we tried to prosper through trade with many civilizations far and close by. We have traded with the four dwarven houses in our vicinity, for as long as we have known each other. The exchange of goods, knowledge and ideals shaped our civilization. Our very bricks are made through their teachings, our tools made through the beating of their anvils and our walls stand tall because of their craftsmanship.

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We delved deep and we traveled far. We have attained great riches, ready to be traded beyond the horizon. At the foot of the great mountain range, the Wild Wood stood tall. Near a great waterfall we saw the first signs of a blooming civilization, or so we thought. We encountered Elves, a race we had not seen before, yet plenty tales were shared of their valor in both battle and craftsmanship in the halls of our neighboring dwarves. Who had traveled far west-wards to aid their kin in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. However, these elves, they were different than the tales described. They seemed rather unmotivated, unwilling, to captivate the beauty of their lands. They were not interested in trade. They were not interested in us. They despised us to such an extent that we were not allowed into their woods anymore, if we cared for our "short miserable lives" as they so kindly stated.

This rather unpleasant meeting with the Avari, the Wild Wood Elves, got us rather intrigued about who and what else we can find out there. We ventured around the woods and further into the west. We encountered many civilizations of many races; humans, elves, dwarves yet also orcs even. We welcomed trade and relations with every one of them, some were more pleasant than others. This was an era of peace and prosperity, for us. The rest of Middle-Earth was in a constant state of fear, the rising tensions between the races, between good and evil and between families and kin was reaching a level not yet to be seen before.

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We were forced to pick a side. Yet we did not. We could not. So we did the cowardly thing, we hid away. Our civilization, now with hundreds of men, elves, dwarves and even a district for the naturally evil, was forgotten. Deep within the mountain range, our walls stood tall, yet our torches dimmed and our voices unheard.

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Make a Difference Today

We are not at war with any faction, nor are we interested in such a thing. Joining this faction would mean lots of trade, lots of building and, if you like those things, lots of fun! There are no requirements. We don't have a specific armor set, given that we aren't part of a specific faction. You can come walking in with your elven, orcish, human and dwarven armor all you want. Just make sure you're covered up nice and well, since it can get pretty cold up in the mountains!



The Southern Colony

High up in the red mountains the people of Ivillis were growing cold. This is when Foxtra of the south decided to host a massive expedition to lands beyond the horizon. He build a massive ark to transport all the people of middle-earth in their journey to this magnificent land. This ark was known as the Ark of Yaryda.

However, while making their way south a storm like nobody had ever seen before, took the Ark of Yaryda beneath its waves. When passengers opened their eyes they found themselves in a foreign land. They had been carried up the gulf and the Ark of Yaryda was in pieces. The people set out to fix the ark, yet when all repairs where done, they found themselves unwilling to leave this land they had stranded in. Perhaps this was what they really wanted to find. After all its a warm land, far from home yet not impossibly far to return from. They decided it was perfect, and all the together created a grand city, with the ark as its central hub. There would be no good or evil in the land of Yaryda.

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