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Tamer of mountains, ascender of stairs, and amateur olympian. Need I say more?... Probably, yes. I'm Phoenix. The owner. Adverse to talking about myself, let's suffice to say that I can honestly claim I've put literal blood, sweat, and tears into making The One Ring into the best server it can be. And I'm not done yet! I hope that you enjoy your time in-game and as part of one of the most special communities the internet has to offer. Please feel free to say hi if you catch me in-game!

What do I do

Where do I even start?

While 90% of the work I do for the server happens out-of-game in the form of management, maintenance, and big picture changes, I love connecting with the community on a personal level as well. As Owner, my mission is to make sure TOR is a safe, respectful place where lovers of Minecraft and LOTR can unite for shenanigans, epic builds, and countless late-nights laughing at stupid jokes. Thanks for being part of the community, whether you've been here for years or have just joined; TOR is a place for friendship and fun!


What I enjoy

Building! I love building of all sorts and wish I had more time to do it. Natural, overgrown styles are traditionally my favorite but I also enjoy challenging myself with different styles. One of my proudest builds on the server is Minas Tirith, a small town at the edge of Gondor! In addition to building, I record videos, often on the server! Check 'em out!

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